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Chay Garden

The story of Vegetarian Garden starts with the root of the desire to open a path to a small garden, which is separated from the noises and bustle in the heart of Saigon.

Chay Garden brings the style of vegan that is completely different, yet not disconnected. Enjoying delicious meals at Chay Garden is when customers can connected sincerely to people and the surroundings.

Chay Garden spreads the spirit of “vegetarian” balance between purity and bustle, harmony between enjoying and protecting the sustainable core.

Today’s special dish

Stir-fried Bok choy with Shiitake sauce

The combination of delicious Shiitake mushrooms and fresh Bok Choy will definitely create a frugal and appetizing dish.


Bún Huế

Vegan Royal noodles soup (Hue’s style rice vermicelli soup with vegan ham, mushrooms and vegetables)

Bún riêu

Vegan Rieu noodles soup (Northern style vermicelli rice noodle soup made with tomato broth, soya bean paste, paired with the usual Vietnamese aromatic herbs and topped with other vegetables and fried tofu)

Chả giò bánh hỏi

A good combination of crispy vegetables spring rolls and Central style of rice vermicelli sheets, served with sweet and sour sauce and local herbs

Hủ tiếu khô

Vietnamese noodles dry style (separated bowl of broth soup), with mushrooms, tofu and fried vegan rolls

Bánh canh nấm và rau củ theo mùa

Vietnamese udon noodle soup with seasonal mushrooms and vegetables

Bánh canh hẹ

Vietnamese udon noodles soup with chives and seasonal mushrooms

Cháo nấm mối hạt sen

Starting a day with a light and healthy seasonal mushrooms and lotus seeds porridge

Combo ăn sáng – 1 món điểm tâm + 1 món nước

1 Breakfast dish + 1 homemade drink

Đậu hủ ủ muối xanh

Green herbal salted tofu (Young tofu coached with crunchy rice and green herbal salt)

Đậu hủ sốt me Thái

Crispy silken tofu in Thai’s tamarind and mushrooms sauce

Đậu hủ sốt xí muội

Crispy silken tofu in sweet and sour plum sauce

Đậu hủ Garden

Crispy silken tofu in Chay Garden’s sauce

Đậu hủ sốt Tứ Xuyên

Maipo tofu (Braised tofu with mushroom in Sichuan sauce)

Mỳ linguine sốt cà chua với đậu gà

Pomodoro Linguine (Linguine with Fromagio cheese, chickpeas, zucchini and pomodoro sauce)

Mỳ xào nấm nhà Garden

Chay Garden’s stir – fried noodles with mushrooms

Miến xào nồi đất

Stir-fried glass noodles with shiitake, French beans, peas, baby corns, carrot and mustard greens, served in claypot

Pad Thái

Vegetarian Thai Pad – a mixture of stir-fried noodles with vegetables, bean sprouts and tofu served in egg bowl served with soy sauce

Phở áp chảo với rau củ Garden

Special stir-fried Phở noodles with mushrooms, tofu and mixed vegetables with Chay Garden’s sauce

Cơm chiên nồi đất

Fried rice with tofu and mixed vegetables in claypot

Cơm chiên yến mạch

Fried rice with oatmeal and mixed vegetables

Cơm gạo lức lá sen

Steamed brown rice with lotus seed, baby corn, carrot, French bean, peas, wrapped in lotus leaf

Cơm chiên trái dừa

Fried rice with solf coconut pulp, seasonal mushrooms, vegetables and tofu, served in whole coconut

Cơm chiên trái thơm

Fried rice with fresh pineapple, lotus seeds, shiitake mushroom, raisin, beans, peas and vegetables, served in grilled pineapple

Cà ri xanh (dùng kèm bún/bánh mì)

Green curry with mixed vegetables, sweet potato, potato, taro, cassava in grilled coconut, served with bread or rice vermicelli

Cà ri đỏ (dùng kèm bún/bánh mì)

Red curry with mixed vegetables, breadfruit, chickenpeas, coconut water, sweet potato,potato, taro, cassava in grilled coconut, served with bread or rice vermicelli

Lẩu Tom Yum

Lẩu Tom Yum

Lẩu Sukiyaki

Sukiyaki hot pot (Tofu , mixed vegetables, radish, carrot, tofu skin, lotus root, served with udon noodles)

Lẩu Kim chi

Lẩu Kim chi

Lẩu Nhà Garden

Lẩu Nhà Garden

Bánh đa thêm

Extra Vietnamese rice cracker

Bún thêm

Extra rice vermicelli

Cơm trắng thêm

Extra steamed rice

Mì trứng thêm

Extra egg noodles

Bánh mì thêm

Extra mini baguettes

Tàu hủ ki Lẩu thêm

Extra dried skin tofu

Mì udon thêm

Extra udon noodles

Hoành thánh chiên lẩu thêm

Extra fried wonton for hot pot

Set rau lẩu thêm (Nhỏ)

Extra set vegetables for hot pot (Small size)

Set rau lẩu thêm (Lớn)

Extra set vegetables for hot pot (Large size)

Pudding đậu hủ

Soy pudding served with palm sugar syrup

Chè sương sáo Garden

Chay Garden’s grass jelly sweet soup

Chè củ năng hạt sen

Water chestnut and lotus seeds sweet soup

Chè khúc bạch rong biển

Panna cotta cube with lychee soup topped with grilled sliced almonds

Sữa chua nếp cẩm

Yoghurt with black glutinous rice

Bánh flan

Homemade flan

Phin đen (pha sẵn/nóng/đá)

Vietnamese coffee by the filter (ready-to-drink/hot/iced)

Phin sữa (pha sẵn/nóng/đá)

Vietnamese coffee by the filter with condesed milk (ready-to-drink/hot/iced)

Bạc sỉu

Vietnamese iced latte

Espresso (nóng/đá)

Espresso (hot/iced)

Espresso với sữa đặc (nóng/đá)

Espresso with condensed milk

Americano (nóng)

Americano (hot)

Cappuccino (nóng/đá)

Cappuccino (hot/iced)

Latte (nóng/đá)

Latte (nóng/đá)

Trà đào bạc hà

Flavoured black tea with fresh peach and mint leaves

Trà vải hoa hồng

Flavoured black tea with fresh lychee and dried rose buds

Phin Uyên Ương

Yuen Yeung drink (a mixture of coffee, tea and milk)

Hồng trà gừng sả

Premium black tea with fresh ginger and citronella

Trà hoa hồng dâu

Premium rose buds tea with fresh strawberry

Trà hoa nhài thơm

Premium jasmin tea with fresh pineapple

Trà thái tử cúc

Premium black tea with dried chrysanthemum flowers

Nước ép Cam / Dứa / Chanh Dây

Fresh orange / pineapple / passion fruit juice

Blooming Passion

Mocktail with apple, passion fruit and beetroot juice

Red Roar

Mocktail with apple, carotte and pineapple juice

Yellow Moon

Mocktail with passion fruit, pineapple and cucumber juice

Frozen Lime

Smoothy with lime and mint leaves

Banana Berry

Smoothy with banana and strawberry

Mango Blend

Smoothy with mango and orange juice

Set bánh uống trà thêm

(Nằm trên máy POS, ko nằm trên Menu)

Sữa đậu nành homemade

Homemade soy milk

Sữa bắp homemade

Homemade corn milk

Sâm rong biển hạt chia homemade

Homemade seaweed and herbal drink with chia seeds

Sữa gạo lức homemade

Homemade brown rice milk

Trà đá nhà Garden

Chay Garden’s iced tea (Green tea with grilled brown rice)

Detox Chay Garden (đá/không đá)

Chay Garden’s Detox (iced/without ice)

Nước khoáng Evian (đá/không đá)

Evian mineral water (iced/without ice)

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I love the space of Chay Garden. The atmosphere is relaxed and quiet with elegant decorations, a place to enjoy healthy vegetarian dishes and relax at the same time.
Cô Diệp
Khách hàng
The dish is presented simply yet eye-catching from bowls to napkins. The food taste unusually delicious, but quite sweet in my opinion. Drinks are all made by the restaurant, so they're unique, tasty, and healthy.
Võ Quốc
Dầu bếp
A place where familiars can gather not only to have daily vegetarian dishes, but also enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.
Helly Tống
Doanh nhân
The dish is pure and natural yet still rich in flavors. Still vegetables and beans as always but there is a subtle transformation in those dishes. The food is presented attractively, and the style of serving is quite similar to Fine Dining, in a simpler way though. Chay Garden's space is quite rustic, the interior design is quite plain yet cozy.
Giang Ơi


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